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Monday, 28 April 2014

Kate Moss Obsession!!!!

Duh~~duh~~i left my blog dead since the first day i step into this boring and stupid course..
my daily routine:
Sounds boring??!!
I am dying in this kind of life!!!
ok, stop complaining, lets take a look what i  have been done for the past few months~~~kekekeke

First of all,
i have a crush on Kate Moss!! yep, it sounds a lil bit too late because she has been the legendary supermodel since long time ago...(she starts modeling from 1993, exactly the same year that i born!!!)
okok, fine...i know her name for a long time but doesn't know much about her.
Recently, i start to go n search the photo that she took when she was young and the Calvin Klein commercial that she made,(most probably her first commercial!!) Boom!!!! FELL IN LOVE!!!
She is the most unique model ever!!! Also the skinniest and shortest!!but who cares??Kate Moss is still Kate Moss!!(I love Kate but i nt very fond of her bff, Naomi Campbell,she acts like a bitch in The Face Season 2, as alw~~~:(~~~but Anne .V is a surprise!! She has guts!!!of course, she is so PRETTYYYYY!!!!)
                                                          The one and only Kate Moss!!!
And Kate Moss and Johnny Depp is the best couple in 90's!!!They r so match!!!So sad , they break up~~~
ok~~~Kate Moss going to launch her collaboration with Topshop on 30 May 2014!!!only a few days more!!!cant wait!!@@it have been a hit topic for the past few month, THE QUEEN HAS RETURN!!!!

Monday, 16 September 2013


Throughout the whole nyfw ss14, there were lots of fabulous clothes and gorgeous models, but it seemed a little bit dull to me without my favourite model-Cara Delevingne!!
Luckily , she showed up last day of nyfw in Marc Jacobs ss14 show in a choppy blonde bob but still look great with her significant bushy eyebrows!!
Here is how she look on the Marc Jacobs runway.
Well, right after the nyfw, she is also spotted in London fashion week ,walks for the famous fast fashion brand Topshop and with one of her bff Jourdan Dunn (another beauty, most probably the next naomi campbell !!!)
So proud of her as she is the one who closes the show.

Can’t wait to see more pieces from London fashion week n definitely can’t wait to hear more about Cara Delevingne!!!